A Custom Curated Gifting Experience

At Boxed in Black, we curate elegant gifts that feature premium items from Black-owned and culturally diverse brands. Our belief in inclusive luxury drives us to offer a gift range that encompasses everything from premium to ultra-high end. We are a premier source of BIPOC-owned gifts, and are committed to delivering an exceptional gifting experience through our carefully handpicked offerings.

meet our founder

I'm Crystal Da Cruz, the Founder of Boxed in Black and first generation Cape Verdean from Providence, Rhode Island. My early appreciation for the finer things naturally led me to the world of gifting.

After earning a degree in fashion, I found myself questioning why people from communities like mine were absent from certain industries. Our contributions were recognized in labor, but not in the realm of ideas. The disconnect was especially clear in the lack of marketing high-end items to people like us.

Taking an unexpected turn away from fashion, I spent nearly a decade working in the gift card space. It wasn't until after leaving the industry that I discovered a wave of companies embracing curated gift boxes as an alternative to gift cards. Immersed in this world, I also noticed a refreshing emphasis on promoting BIPOC brands.

This journey paved the way for Boxed in Black—a platform that not only challenges norms within the gifting industry but is dedicated to celebrating the unique contributions of Black and Brown innovators in this space.

Meet Our Team

Elevating Connections Through Gifting

Our company exists to foster meaningful connections rooted in shared values and genuine appreciation. We believe in the power of gifting to bring people closer, whether you're celebrating a personal milestone, strengthening professional relationships, or simply expressing your gratitude in a meaningful way.

Our Commitment

To uplift and amplify BIPOC brands

We partner with brands across cultures, particularly those who are overlooked in the premium gift market. Our goal is to provide a truly exceptional experience, one that celebrates diversity, and redefines luxury gifting.

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