about boxed in black

Our Mission

Boxed in Black is a Black woman-led, Rhode Island-based brand that specializes in elevated gifting, dedicated to delivering unforgettable experiences to our clients. Our journey begins with our mission: to redefine gifting and celebrate Black and Brown Excellence. Inspired by the 15% Pledge, an initiative urging businesses to commit a minimum of 15% of their offerings to Black-owned brands, we're driven to create a platform that exceeds this commitment.

We're guided by values of inclusivity and luxury, setting our sights on an intentional and upscale approach to curated gifting. We are dedicated to showcasing the best products, brands, and items that align with our brand's commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and luxury, thereby elevating the gifting industry.We also proudly welcome brands across cultures that share our mission and values, making our platform a truly diverse and inclusive one.

Crystal DaCruz

Founder & CEO

Bianca Mendes

Brand Designer